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History is made of non-stop going on and going back...
But we don't repeat always the same path, we turn and go round and so that we ascend constantly reaching new levels.

Starting from the end...

These last years I mainly worked as technical manager at several clubs in Turin, such as KM5 in the Quadrilatero Romano and La Vetreria in Vanchiglia.
I did the stage-managing of video shows at CACAO during the summer 2009, then in the winter I moved to the snowy landscape in Bardonecchia, among the balsamic mist of Hotel Rivé Spa and MI AMI Beauty Farm...

More snow, lighten up by lasers at the rythm of lounge music: this was my version of New Year's Night 2012 at Capanna Mollino in Saulze d'Oulx.
And again a misty athmosphere for a series of events I organized at QC Terme spa to the heart of city centre in Turin.

Those years the most creative event in the city was PARATISSIMA, a big gathering of artists in San Salvario multiethnic district, where musicians, painters, sculptors, designers show their works and meet the people in the streets of the area. I made some light performances there during 2008 and 2009 editions.

In the same district, I made the scenic design and light equipment for private rooms at Crazy One Night Club.

After the snow at the mountains and the urban rythms and colours in the most trendy area of the city, I needed for something else.
Happy hour, maybe?
You said it, I realized the sound and lighting systems at La Réserve, a Champagne Bar in Via Avogadro, Turin.
Doing some sport is always a good idea, I guess.
Therefore, sound system at the SQUASH POINT in Via Pinelli.
I also work together with SCAVINO Music Shop, the biggest supplier of sonud and lighting material in Turin.

Where do I come from?

For many years I managed the control room at Lingotto Auditorium in Turin; this was a quite permanent job where I made the most of my preceeding anything but stable working experience.
Earlier than that period I spent two years ('89-'90) in the U.S., within Miami and N.Y., working at very important clubs such as The Tunnel and CLUB NU.

I ran technical services for SATIZ and EUPHON, the following is a sample list of some works:

AUTO SHOW (1994, 1996)
SIB (1997)
EXPO in Lisbon, Portugal (1998)
FIAT'S 100TH ANNIVERSARY at Alpi's Stadium (1999)
EXPO 2000
UIL Syndicate CONVENTION (2002)
MIDO (2006)
Video Broadcasting at 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin.

A concept job idea

Summing up all my different working experiences and trying to pour my personal point of view in the final result of my job, I developped a complete service offer about sound and lighting system which is especially conceived for well-being. I want to transfer in my work my personal tastes and interests and all is related to wellness and self-awareness is very appealing to me.
Through sounds, lights, colours and images everybody can experience a new form of self-contact that gets a sensory full immersion when it is combined with a space committed to relax.
That's why I imagined a particular program for spas and swimming pools in order to create a show made of water and light and music which can become an unforgettable experience for our senses.

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